Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Think

Today I went to the airport with my Papa to pick up my Aunt Andi. My mom said before we left "Now girls, don't talk your Papa's ear off" and of course are reply was,  " Yes Ma'm." So I played hangman with my twin sister and then I just sat and looked out my car door window. One thing that absolutely fascinates me is clouds. I love watching clouds. I don't like a sky without clouds. The clouds I saw today were very close to the ground, and some looked like cotton candy torn and thrown into the sky. I loved watching the planes leave streaks across the sky. And I literally sat there for thirty minutes just staring out of my window in absolute amazment. Usually I just talk and never stop, but it was so nice to sit and observe and just let my mind drift across whatever thought it wanted too. Thinking is so peacful. And when I say thinking I mean effortless thinking. Not the same kind when you would take a nine-weeks exam. I could sit there and think "How great is my God." I finally understood what my teachers were talking about when they say evolutinist look at the world through blurred glasses, but creationist have completely clear glasses. I just want to encourage whomever is reading this to take time to think. Take time to just go in your back or front yard and observe take it all in. :)
Some pictures I have taken in the past. (With iPod and edited on instagram.)

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