Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mrs. Schmuck

Today marked one year since Mrs. Schmuck died. Mrs. Schmuck was my teacher that I watch on video everyday for school. She taught English, and was always excited about the lesson. Even though I was only watching a video and not even actually in her classroom, I could tell that she was someone that choose to be happy. There was never a single second that she wasn't smiling. And she was always telling stories about her dog or how she met her husband. Mrs. Schmuck was also a very strong christian. She died of leukemia in the year 2010. I am guessing my video lessons were made in the year 2008-2009. I am telling you this because I wish there were more people in the world like Mrs. Schmuck. If we acted like she did everyday, think about how many peoples day we would make ten times more better just because we gave them a simple smile. She will always be a role model for me. And I can't wait to met her in heaven someday. So go ahead smile:) make someones day! Be a role model!


  1. Thanks for the reminder to smile where ever we go. And thank you for telling us about Mrs. Schmuck. She does sound like a wonderful woman of God. My brother Micah also died of Leukemia in 2005. I wrote a series about him on my blog.

  2. Your Welcome,I am sorry to hear about your brother.

  3. My son have her class via dvds, but you become apart of her class. Even myself as a parent, his is doing his school work as we speak, and she is teaching English. Today is July 9th 2013; when my son told me i was heart broken; because i wanted him to meet her on graduation. The word of God tell us when one dies we should rejoice, she is with him. Love you Mrs. Schmuck!!