Monday, October 15, 2012

My heart dropped

Me and my sisters had just gotten out of the car. I walked over to my mom's car in the church parking lot. (My parents are divorced, so we do this evrey other Sunday.) My oldest sister had choir practice and we usally just hang around the church for an hour until discipliship training starts. So I walked up to the car, put my bags in the back seat, and set my bible ontop of the car. I did this because my hands were rather full, and I thought we were staying at the church. But then my twin sister told me that we were going to the house really quick. So I got in the car and guess what I forgot? I didn't realize I had left my bible on top until we got home and I was unpacking. So we went back and looked. As I was riding I thought "Oh, I am sure its fine, just as long as no one runs over it." " I can always get a new one, I guess." And then I saw it, all spread apart. The pages were going everywhich way. My mom got out, picked it up and handed it too me. I started crying, as I looked down at my bible all messed up. My heart dropped. I felt like someone had envaded my personal privacy. The binding was completely torn. And pages all crinkled, but not torn. Luckily, no one had run over it because the was no tire marks. My mom looked back at me and said, "I am sorry Brooklyn, I wish it would have been any other book." My face strained to give her a little smile, with tears slowly sliding down my face as I said, "Me too." My mom said I could put a cover on it and still use it, or get a new one. I told her I didn't want to get a new one. This is my first bible I have taken time to study. I am too attached to this one copy of the best book anyone will ever read. We went back home and ironed some of the pages to try to make it lay flat again. We then put a head band around it to keep it together. I decided last night that I want to be someone who does go through many bibles, someone who has studied God's word so much that she goes through many bibles in her lifetime. Someone that has a stack of bibles in her closet where every page is filled with foot notes.


  1. So sorry that happened to your Bible Brooklyn. :(
    I love how your love for Christ is displayed in your words.



  2. It's ok. It just opened my eyes to see how important my bible really is too me. :/ And thank you. That is the reason I started this blog. :)