Friday, November 16, 2012

Be a role model.

A while back I made a post about my video techer, Mrs. Schmuck. I can't begin to put in words how cheerful and inspiring this Christian woman was. I have her again this year for English. Today she got teary, eyed talking about how God watches over us. Over the two years I have watched her on video and she has truly been an inspiration to me. Or in other words a role model. At the Pensacola Christian Academy you can go meet your video teachers. You can also go on the A Beka website and email them. I wish I would've had the chance to meet her. And someday I will in heaven. When she got emotinal in class today it really hit me that she has died. It's hard to even wrap my mind around. Especially when I see her in video every day. What I want for whomever is reading this is that you will strive to be a role model. Even simply smiling everyday. Being cheerful and friendly.
A cheerful heart is good medicene. Proverbs 17:22



  1. This is really inspiring, Brooklyn. <3



  2. Hello!
    Just found your blog! It is so neat! You guys live near War Eagle, AR? (That is so neat too!)
    Great blog!
    God Bless!
    ~The Keller Girls~

    1. War Eagle is a couple of hours away. And thanks I am glad you came across my blog! Sorry I haven't responded sooner! :)