Monday, December 17, 2012

Today was a new day.

Awhile back I made a post about myself questioning my salvation. I ended up deleting it. But this week was difficult. More difficult than usual. Satan took it to a whole different level. It wasn't so much about my salvation but just making myself miserable. My family could tell something was wrong. Every little thing made me angry, I would blow up for no reason. I was so excited about Christmas but then Satan took away that joy. He was attacking me and I felt like I had nothing to defend myself with. I finally talked to my mom about everything. And today I told myself I would get back in the habit of reading my bible everyday. I would get focused on God and only God. So today I did just that, I got up and opened my bible. And today was a better day. I felt comfort and peace. I just wanted to let all ya'll know that it got rocky for awhile and I'm sure it's not all over yet ,but today was a better day. An if all of ya'll would keep me in your prayers.

I have recently came across this song. I love it. I just had to share.


  1. We have had days like that too, Brooklyn! We will be praying for you.

    ~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

  2. This post is exactly how I was feeling all last week. Everything about the holidays was frustrating me. But then I thought about the reason behind it, and how blessed I am to have the loving family that I do, and I just pushed all my worries aside.

    I'm really glad I came across your blog! I'm now your newest follower via greader. :)

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