Sunday, January 6, 2013

A xtreme weekend.

Hello everyone! The last three weeks have been absolutely crazy! I went to an xtreme conference with my youth group for three days at the end of December. Right now I am visiting my Aunt and Uncle but I will tell you about that later. Xtreme Winter is a conference for youth groups; it lasts three days and during that time you have two sessions a day (morning, and evening.) You listen to different bands and artists perform and listen to speakers. For Christmas my Dad surprised me with a camera that I was planning on buying after Christmas. So I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures! Here are a few......

 The view from our condo.

The view we had before you walked down into the arena.

This was our view two out of the four sessions.

The first night I got to see Britt Nicole ,Trip Lee, and Newsboys!

I was excited to see Britt Nicole.

And I haven't listened to Newsboys very much but the performance was outstanding!

The drummer was very talented! The platform his drums were on tilted forward so that he was looking at the ground and then it spun around! He then went back into his normal position and spun!

This was the line every morning and evening!

Breanna, my twin sister, is on the right and Taylor is one of my close friends in the youth group.

We of course had to take a silly picture!

At the beginning of every session to get in the arena you had to wear a bracelet. As soon as you walked into the doors you just held your hand up so they could see your bracelet. It was quite hectic!

There was a shopping center right by the convention center so we went shopping on the second day in between sessions! After being there for about an hour it started snowing! So Breanna, Taylor, and I stood and drank hot chocolate while snowflakes floated in the air.

When it was time to head back to the convention center we decided to drive instead of walk since it was so wet! We had to take two trips because we couldn't all fit in the car at once. So Breanna went with the first group and Taylor, our youth leader, and I were going to wait for the next ride. As we were standing there waiting our youth leader's wife who was sitting by the fire in Bass Pro saw Mark Hall from Casting Crowns! (Which was one of the bands that were performing that night!) So we got to meet him!

That night we saw Thousand Foot Krutch and Casting Crowns!

While we were shopping my other sister, Brittany, didn't feel very well and stayed at the condo. As soon as we finished meeting and taking a picture with Mark Hall I called my Mom to tell her the exciting news. Brittany is a huge fan of Casting Crowns so she was a tad bit jealous. But that night Mark Hall was near the front of the stage signing autographs and taking pictures. So it turned out that Brittany did get to meet him!

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  1. So cool!!!!! One of my friends went to this as well!!! :) Awesome!