Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baton Rouge

For New Years, my Sisters, Mom, Nana and Papa, and I went to Baton Rouge to see my Aunt and
Uncle! It was an eight hour drive so I took a lot of pictures!
 I was really pleased with this one because at first it was just a white circle, but then I played with the settings and got it to focus in on the details.
This is my favorite part of the drive to Baton Rouge. I love going over this bridge! When I was little and I would sleep pretty much the whole ride and I would ask my mom to wake me up when we got to the bridge.

I got these bracelets for Christmas from my Aunt and Uncle!

This is the picture of the Mall!

We of course had to get some cupcakes!

These are banana foster, wedding cake, red velvet, salted caramel, and then I can't remember what the two chocolate cupcakes are called. 
My Aunt loves coffee. So if you are in the car with Aunt Andi you know there will be a coffee run. :)
We went to see the Hobbit while we were there. (I haven't seen or read the Lord of the Rings books and movie.) I really enjoyed it!

And here's Toby! You may recognize him from a previous post I made.

This board game is called Catan. We played it every night we were there!

We of course couldn't play a board game without snacks! Jones soda and Nana's homemade chex mix. It is tradition to drink Jones soda in Baton Rouge because were I live there isn't anywhere that carries it!

                        I also got my first piano lesson from my Nana while we were in Baton Rouge!

 P.S. Sorry this took so long to post, everytime I tried to work on posting it my pictures messed up!


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