Sunday, February 24, 2013


These are some pictures that my sister and I took this weekend. Enjoy!


Friday, February 22, 2013

God of Wonders

I could sit and look at the sky all day. I love watching the clouds pass. When I get to heaven I want to have the job of painting the sunrise and sunset everyday. The majority of the pictures I take are of the sky so I decided to do one big blog post of all the pictures I have taken. I would also like to say that none of these pictures were edited. Enjoy!



Saturday, February 16, 2013


The dirt on your cleats, dust in your eyes, the tangles in your ponytail. The amazing feeling when you make a perfect hit in the center of the bat. When you slide into home. But most of all when you watch the ball you just flicked go right into the catchers glove and hear the umpire yell "STRIKE!". When you make a perfect play with your twin sister standing behind you on first base. The feeling of the stitches of the ball on the tips of your fingers as you wind up to pitch. Going out everyday and practicing pitching. The soreness that never goes away for two months. I love all of these things. Softball starts in a month and I can't wait. :)

I wouldn't say I hate anyone. But there always is that one person on every team who gets on my nerves.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


What do you do in your spare time? I normally am on my iPod on social media. My sister is always glued to her iPod and searching Pinterest. But this past Thursday I got to spend some time with some other homeschooled girls. We visited for about an hour and a half while we worked on knitting squares to then make a quilt to give to our community. We talked about different things such as books, movies, and school. So I asked them what they did in there spare time and one of them said she works on her crocheting. Another said she reads. They both said they liked to read classics and the oldest one said she has read all of Shakespeare's books and poems. Now here I am spending my free time on an iPod and they are reading and knitting, actually making good use of their time. I barely could keep up with the conversation! Yes, they are older than me , but that's no excuse. I realized I have fallen into the trap of brainwashing myself with social media. And I am sure I am not the only one. My History teacher said that when he was my age his teacher told him to not waste his time starring at a TV but instead pick up a book. So that's what he did. He even read Encyclopedias just for fun! I want to be a person who makes use of her time and takes advantage of the sources around her. One that tries to get the highest score on a test/quiz instead of on Angry Birds. One who is on Google instead of Facebook. I want to be able to go a day without my electronic with no problem. Think of all the great inventors Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, Alexander Graham Bell. This people weren't just born a geniuses. They decided to be one. All it took was curiosity and them using the magnificent brain that God gave us. I have just been thinking about this things lately with technology and education. I hope you got something out of my rambling thoughts this Sunday Afternoon.

Have a great day,