Friday, June 14, 2013

im coming back, little blog

 i have been oh so busy lately you got pushed to the bottom of my to do list. i have missed you. very. much. soon you will be filled with all types of (hopefully) inspiring words, random, last minute photo shoots, and effort. you will have feeled love again my little darling. 
i assure you i am coming back, little blog.


  1. CUTE blog. PLease come and enter through my giveaway I am hosting on my blog. Heres my bloglovin'

  2. Hi Brooklyn! I totally understand being away from the blogging world for a while. I'm doing it now is full and busy but I hope to start blogging again soon like you. :)

    You know, I didn't design my own header. I'm hoping to learn blog design this year. I'm going through a design program that is called Blog Lovin by Elsie and Emma who blog at A Beautiful Mess. If you have photoshop, I know that's a good program to edit from. Otherwise google is a good tool for research :) Contacting other bloggers who actually have designed their blog (I had Lucia from "Lucia Etc." design my blog) is good too!

    I hope at least some of this helped.



  3. Hello Brooklyn!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. :) Okay, so first off...I wouldn't say I am the "best" at designing, but I would love to give you advice. :) Do you have any specific questions? You can email me at :)

  4. oh! I spelled my email wrong. Now I understand why it wasn't working...woops! :) email is

    I use Picasa, you can download it for free and Paint which every computer comes with... Are you trying to make a picture header or just a plain one? :)

    here is a link to how to make a collage picture header for your blog on picasa:

    You can make a somewhat-ish kind of watercolor header on Paint with one of the watercolor brushes which usually turns out pretty cool. also, check out pinterest for some header ideas! :)