Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's Simply Fall

Crisp. The word not only defines autumn, but defines a texture, taste, emotion, and personality. One of my favorite phrases my family uses to describe me is Crisp and to the Point. Crisp means to be serious, to be strong, independent, secure with yourself. Maybe that is why I love the Fall season so much. Simply because of the crisp, autumn air every morning?
It hits you two steps out the door. Which is the same time you look up to examine God's beauty around you. You hear the birds chirping as you walk down the porch steps, your walking slowly of course since you have a ten pound bag on your back. You have a cup of coffee with just enough whip cream and caramel which was delicately placed just so.
Your coffee has the most blissful taste in Autumn. Your not hesitant to take a sip of your hot cup of joy because of the fright of more heat entering your body on a humid, summer day. Or too quick to take a mouthful of burning liquid which demoralizes you for the next thirty minutes simply because you could not wait to feel the hot addiction in your freezing body, hoping it would help your freezing toes come back to room temperature. But instead, a sip of your homemade caramel latte has just the right amount of bliss filled in it's delicacy as it calms the small amount of nippiness to all the things Fall is made up of.
The way a morning or afternoon walk can calm every stress deep inside. It's again something that the season is capable of doing.
No matter where you are, each glance of scenery looks like it should be photographed and posted inside a calendar.
The season brings the blissful joy of each of these and offers so much more.
It's simply Fall.

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